Blind Faith

FTL 37

A shadow of my features looks back at me from my tablet.Colors are vague, my eyes showing more as a light gray, than their sky blue. Myblonde hair, looking light brown. I note the line of my strong jaw, mediumsized…

Fake Heroes

Remote Space Outpost

Another one of these huh? These come across the news feeds every now and again, and Icannot help but wonder why the fuss. Another death of something they like tocall celebrities. Let me see, the star of some show that…

Long Cold Winter

Sun Dogs

I look out through the smart glass, taking in the vast expanses of snow that blankets the world around me. I hear the wind as it caresses the smooth parts of my enviroarmor, and rattles any lose baubles. I check…

I Am Man

Classic Manly Photo

Being a man is a proud thing. To me, masculinity is more than hair on your face, or big muscles, or having an object on your arm for other men to admire, but you do not respect.