Darwin would be pissed!

I am not one to take the theory of evolution as the final word on how we ended up walking upright on this planet. But the man had it right when he said natural selection could determine the outcome of a species.

Unless said species develops the intelligence to circumvent the natural selection process. That along with an out of control litigation system and we have no shot at culling the stupid and inept from the herd.

Charles DarwinSo much about the origins of life is still up in the air. There is plenty of fossil evidence to give Darwin’s theory merit. But not everything about life and its origins is explained, at least not yet. There is even fossil evidence showing some mutations leading to a completely new species. But still the Darwinists ask us to believe that in the early days of evolution, groups of cells with no ability to reason decided to form a co-op.

What was their motivation?

How did they communicate?

Was there a vote on who got the role as asshole?

That’s my two cents; I am not a creationist by any means. One has to believe in the stories of the bible to be one. I think they are great stories that send a great message, but they are just stories.

No matter what you believe, there is solid evidence in the world around us, that there is a natural selection process that keeps a species strong and healthy. Within our species, the dominant male is labeled a bully and ridiculed. In the animal kingdom, this male gets the chicks because it ensures the strongest and fiercest males reproduce. If a panther cannot catch a gazelle because he has self-esteem issues, he will starve and never reproduce.

Goodbye self-esteem issue until the next mutation.

We have overcome so many things as a species, including natural selection. Warfare is a terrible and brutal thing that no generation should ever endure. But most every generation does. In the oldest of wars, it was an extension of natural selection. The strongest and most cunning survive the battles and go home to their wives.

Now, it is a meat grinder that takes the best and brightest and spits them out the other side. One may argue that those who can avoid war are the brightest, but a lot of fine young men volunteer because they feel it’s their duty. Other countries conscript their military, no volunteering for the meat grinder in their case.

The technology in warfare doesn’t pick its victims based on size and strength; it’s all about creating mass casualties with little effort. Most of the technology involved in warfare doesn’t even require you to look your enemy in the eye. As we use to say when I was in the Army, reach out and touch someone.

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