Deserted Island List

For six years, I drove truck over the road. In those six years, I listened to a lot of music radio. In the early days, my radio only had six preset buttons, and there were a hell of a lot more radio stations than that between here and New Jersey. I started keeping a list of my favorite radio stations on a piece of paper attached to the front of my log book cover. The average radio station could carry you about sixty miles. There were few gaps between here and New York City where I could not find a rock radio station.

Some early surprises in my first months of truck driving.

  • New York City did not have a hard rock station. They had one rock station, and it was a classic rock station.
  • There was not a single original idea among all the nations’ radio stations. They stole each others programming ideas with impunity.
  • I can say the same about radio personality on air names.
  • My favorite radio personality name to this day was a DJ on a classical station in New York City, her on air name was Candice Agree.

Of those programming gimmicks, one of my favorite was “Desert Island List”. I think I first heard this on a radio station out of Cleveland. As far as programming gimmicks go, I only caught it on a couple of stations in my time on the road.

What it involved was a listener would call in and give a list of five songs they would want on their Walkman if they were ever stranded on a deserted island. Yes, I said Walkman, no iPod, or MP3’s back then. You had tape hiss whether you wanted it or not.

Well I remembered this little piece of radio history the other day while running and decided I would put together a list of song I would want on my solar-powered iPod if I ended up on a deserted island. The list will grow as I remember songs from days gone by and stumble across new ones in the months ahead. It will be more than five because the iPod can hold so much more!

If I can think of a reason, I will add a little blurb as to why the song is on my list. They are in no particular order. If you are not familiar with the song, then enjoy the video I have embedded with each song. Each number below is a one song.

Have fun!

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