Deserted Island List

“Girl Money” by Kix – I was introduced to this band as a local favorite with a national recording contract by my buddy Jim. Their older stuff was pretty raw, but as they continued to write songs, they just got better. I think this song epitomizes the message of the 80’s

“Bye Bye Love” by The Cars – I went through several songs of theirs before I settle on this one. There first three albums were fantastic. I was surprised how easily I took to these guys because it was sort of outside my Heavy Metal realm. They did get to poppy in later albums and eventually broke up. I always did favor Benjamin Orr’s vocals over Ric Ocasek’s.

“For The Love Of Money” by The Bulletboys – This song just makes me smile when it starts. This along with “Smooth Up In Ya”, “THC Grove”, and “Hang On St. Christopher” are just fun songs. I still, after all these years I reach down and crank this song up!

And yes, I just might add those other songs to this list!

By the way Marq Torien, David Lee Roth called and wants his act back!

“All Lips N’ Hips” by Electric Boys – Yes, one hit wonders can make this list! Listen to that song! It has a great bluesy rhythm. I stumbled across this looking up videos for this list. I don’t have this song on my iPod, but I will soon.

“In The Dark” by Billy Squier – This is one of several of his songs from his heyday that never get old. “The Stroke” my have put him on the map, but this song, “Lonely is The Night” & “My Kind of Lover” placed him there forever.

Just don’t let the guy dance!

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