My First Match

My pic showing me in peril is the one that piqued your interest.
You warned me, telling me to flee, but the monster would not rest.

For it seemed, we had a rapport, and fun with words soon followed.
I felt instantly at ease, there was tease; you said that’s not allowed.
Relaxed and at ease, we made plans to meet, you said I was cute.
Sorry I couldn’t send you a map, they don’t allow pics of the route.
The drinks were nice, seeing you for real, it did entice.

My desire to see you again, I expressed, but you remain quiet.
Are the things I said, leaving you with suspicion and disquiet?
There doesn’t seem to be an attempt to hide, I still see you out there.
Communication to learn about each other, chatting is a harmless affair.
Hope you give me a chance; you are my first and best match.

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