Hammerhead Resurrection

I reviewed this book predecessor in “Hammerhead“.  After finishing “Hammerhead”, I was disappointed to see that there were no other books of this type in James Andrew Bond’s collection of works.  I really wanted to read more about Jeffery Holt.

However, the way “Hammerhead” ended, there wasn’t the clear hint that a sequel was inevitable.  Still, I kept checking back to see if something as fun as “Hammerhead” came along.

Then I found “Hammerhead Resurrection.”

As with other series, when the newest book came out, I reread “Hammerhead” so that my mind was fresh when I read Resurrection.  It was more enjoyable the second time.

With Resurrection, the story does not start with Jeffery, but with his son Leif.  Leif is working on a distant moon orbiting Jupiter.  Tragedy marks the return of a fictional enemy.  You will have to read the book to understand what that means.

Like “Hammerhead,” this book is fast paced and you cannot help but fall in love with Jeffery and everyone he calls friend.

This book is more than just mind candy.  The plot is solid, and the characters are the story.

Read it damn it!