For me, both reading and writing is about escape.  I often say, that I don’t like movies that tug at my heart strings, or have a lot of drama because life is full of both.  I want action, I want mindless excitement, I want interesting banter and sprinkle all that with some intelligent humor.

When seeking out new authors I am nervous, especially in today’s world of anyone can publish their own digital books.  While scanning book covers, I came across a unique cover with the title Hammerhead.

Proof that a cover isn’t everything, but it can sure attract a person’s attention.

I read the reviews, and decided to take a chance.  It was my first purchase for Kindle after wading through the Dark Tower series, and the then the Hunger Game series.

I will touch on the frustrations of reading series at some point in this blog.

But back to Hammerhead.  This book was a pure joy to read.  Immediately you fall in love with the main character Jeffery Holt.  His don’t F with me attitude, laced with heavy bouts of compassion make it hard not to like this guy.  Then when he finds Stacy Zach on the wrecked bridge of a starship, we the reader start to care for her as much as our own children.  Like Stephen King, Jason Andrew Bond does a fantastic job of connecting us with the characters.

They are real people!  I plan on inviting Jeffery, his son, and Stacy to my next birthday party.

I have read this book twice.  The first time was four years ago when I first purchased it.  The second time was just a few weeks ago as I read it in preparation for Hammerhead Resurrection, the sequel.

This book has tons of action, great flying scenes, and is a page turner.  I love that they don’t get into impossible situations, only to find an even more improbable solution to the situation.

I may have even shed a tear.

Buy this book, it is awesome!

Read Jason’s bio, and see what he does with a part of the proceeds.