Time Travel Symphony

I touted not long ago in “If only we could go back…”that time travel wasn’t possible. Then contradicted myself when I said it was possible in a sense in “Yesterdays Friends”. Now I am going to say once again, thanks to our memories, we travel back in time almost every day. The vehicle of travel; a song on the radio.

We all have songs that remind us of a time, and event, or a person. When I hear the song “On and On” by Michael Shankar Group I am reminded of a night driving north on 894 west of Milwaukee. I had not heard the song in a long time, it came over my trucks speakers, and I perked up instantly. “Oh cool!” I shouted and cranked up the volume. My fiancé was perplexed, and I found out later a bit peeved. She later asked, “How come you never get that excited when you hear a newer song?”

Can’t say that I had an answer, it was a dumb question. Must be why she is my ex.

Boston’s “Cool Your Engines” brings to mind the cute little girl I met in Duluth. Every time I hear the song, Dana is the first thing that comes to mind. We never really had a relationship, just went out a couple of times. During one of these dates, we were discussing music interests, her pretty face lit up, and she said. “I just love Boston. Every time Cool Your Engines plays on the radio I can’t help but crank it up.” It was Boston’s most recent release at the time. We never heard the song on the couple of dates we had, but it will always be Dana Little’s song.

Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” takes me back to a late night running across the Ohio turnpike with my old buddy Jeff Goodman. CB radios have the regular channels, and then there is what we called side band. Sometimes we would switch to the sideband to avoid people listening to our conversations or to avoid getting stepped on by a couple of hands running the opposite direction. The one problem with side band is that things didn’t always sound right. It was getting late and Jeff and I were getting slap happy. We started singing back and forth to each other. He put in his Peter Frampton CD and the mouth guitar parts came on, and Jeff started to mimic them. If we had been on the regular channels, this would have sounded ridiculous, but the distortion caused by the side band channels made it sound as though Peter Frampton himself was sitting in my truck playing his mouth guitar. It was all I could do to keep from driving off the damn road because I was laughing so hard. “Do You Feel Like We Do” will forever be Jeff Frampton’s song.

Recently “Wonderful Tonight” reinserted itself into my mind as a memory place holder. A dear friend found me on Facebook and we started reliving old times. As we messaged back and forth, about events twenty years in the past, something triggered a memory. She and I danced together one time at a North Star Christmas party. The song was Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” She was a huge fan, and she was a dear friend. That song belongs to that memory until all memories are gone.

Black Sabbaths “Iron Man” will always take me back to Mr. Hollinger’s class. It was sixth grade and I was still a heavy metal greenhorn, but a budding comic book geek. One of our assignments in that class was to present differences and have the audience (the class) judge what they liked the best. Chris Hallanger and his group were playing the first few seconds of a song. One of those songs was Black Sabbaths “Iron Man” I was blown away! The intro of that song grabbed me by the balls and never let go. Too bad, every time I hear it I am pulled back to Mr. Hollinger’s class and Minnehaha Elementary School.

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