Month: June 2015

For a Nickel I will

Pay Toilet 5 cents

Here is the scenario. You are a kid, about eleven years old. It’s summer time, and from the time you mother leaves for work at 7:30 in the morning, until she returns at 5:00 PM, you are unsupervised. The time…

Life After Death?

Life after death

Why do we revere the dead? I have a theory. I think it is all rooted in superstition. We are terrified that our now dead relatives will come back and haunt us if we don’t give them a “proper burial”.…

Hydro Assault

Super Soaker Wars

Long, long, ago, in a decade far, far, away, there was an annual battle that rocked an otherwise quiet neighborhood. It was the annual Super Soaker wars of the McNeslonHuberMuir Clan. As I think back, I do not remember how…