Month: May 2016

Unisex Bathroom

Unisex bathroom logo

A few days ago I posted a short piece about my views on the whole, who can use what bathroom if your transgendered debate.  I started by stating, maybe we should make all bathrooms unisex.  Then it does not matter…


Soldier in combat

Today we lost a talented and gifted man.  The city and state that call him home are now in mourning.  Target field and the I35W bridge are lit in purple.  Mourners will flock to Paisley Park and First Avenue to…

Protected Class

Yellow duckling with black ducklings

A lot of energy has been expended lately over the issue of bathrooms and who can use them.  The often used argument against those termed “Transgender” is, parts are parts.  Proponents argue those parts need to go in the assigned…