Month: January 2017

A Writers Path

Struggling writer story eater.

I have written a lot of crap in my quest to become a readable writer.  Throughout that process, I kept every crappy manuscript my Brother typewriter generated.  For years, they moved with me from place to place, state to state,…

Blame the Dog

Dual Climate Control

For the last two decades I have been driving nothing but outdated piles of crap.  Then recently I purchased a car that actually has some of the modern luxuries’.  Leather seats, steering wheel controls for the stereo and cruise control,…

An Unlikely Chain of Events

Movie car crash scene.

Purpose-dent Definition: A deliberate incident the happens expectantly and intentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. An event that happens on purpose with apparent or deliberate cause. A few years into my over the road truck driving career, one of…