Big Ass Elk

“That was a pretty impressive maneuver Bill.” He said without looking at me. “Just enough rear collective and peddle to really bring the aircraft around in a hurry.”

Then he turned to look at me.

“Don’t ever do that again.”

“Yes sir.” I replied, beaming with pride at his admonishment. To be told by a highly experience pilot like him, that was a hell of a maneuver. I knew it wasn’t textbook, but because he liked my flying, that was a freebie.

A freebie he liked!

We bounced along in silence for a few minutes. The bounce was because my little maneuver threw one of the blades out of track. Out of balance for you non helicopter types.

“You might want to write up that blade being out of track too, Bill”

“Yes sir.” I replied, still welling with pride.

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