Five Cubic Foot Freezer

I let the guy suck a wealth of information out of me. First, he wanted to come up the following night, and then it was during lunch. “You will be tired, I will be tired. Best if we do this during the day.” Right there I should have said…whooaaa! He claimed to work for Metro Transit. How was he going to get a two hour lunch break just so he didn’t have to drive all the way to Braham after work?

The initial agreement was 11:00 AM, then, while I was sleeping, he sent a text saying 11:00 would not work, how about 1:00 PM. I replied 1:00 PM was fine, just needed to be back in the office by 2:00 PM for a meeting. Then about mid-morning, another text comes across my phone. I can’t make it at 1:00, just call it off, never mind, deal is off!

Initially I dismissed it as another Craigslist transaction fail! Then, as I started to evaluate the conversation I had with the guy, it started to dawn on me I may have just been played. Not only did I tell the guy when my house was empty, but what my schedule was. I spent the rest of the morning wondering if there was a moving van full of thugs heading up from the cities to clean out my house. I gave the guy directions to my front door!

I could live without the TV, but this laptop, that would have been a tragedy!

I almost went home during my lunch to see if my house was intact.

I fought off the urge to go home. I did skip my scheduled gym trip that evening. But alas, my house was as I left it. TV sitting on the wall, laptop sitting on my desk. All appliances quietly sucking down their share of electricity.

As I think about it. The fact that I was so flexible with my schedule may have been what saved my bacon. I know as sure as these words appear on this page the guy didn’t want a five cubic foot freezer. But the fact that I could drop by at any time may have been deterrent enough to keep the thug filled moving van away.

That and the fact that Braham seems like a thousand miles away from even the northern most suburbs.

The freezer did sell to a local guy if you’re wondering. The TV however is still available; did I mention the free shipping?

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