Free Enterprise

Through its own internal investigation, Dell’s security team discovered that Foxconn manufactured the drones. Attacking Foxconn was out of the question for Dell, or any of the other tech giants for that matter. Foxconn was the equivalent of Switzerland, always natural. Instead, Dell’s operatives found a Foxconn employee in the know, and persuaded her to tell them who commissioned the drones.

Dell security forces attacked all Lenovo U.S., and European facilities, two weeks later.

“U.S. troops, both on the ground and in the air are too preoccupied with the invasion of Saudi Arabia to worry about a spat between technology super powers.” President Trump said when asked if it was now time for the government to get involved.

As the war between tech giants escalated, drawing in more players, their advertising campaigns changed to reflect the conflicts.

“Buy AT&T wireless service. Help fund our efforts to fight off the European juggernaut that is T-Mobile.”

“Host with Go-Daddy, so we can continue to defend the freedom of the Internet.”

“iPhone, because we are fighting for the American way.”

“Shop, because Walmart is bad for communities.”

The general population was truly surprised when Amazon started using its delivery drones to bomb Walmart stores in the late night hours. Walmart surprised Amazon by the sheer force of its private security force. Tens of thousands of vets, and weekend warriors employed by Walmart, rallied to their employer’s defense.

Amazon is fighting for its life.

Warfare moved beyond technology giants with Amazon attacking Walmart. Fed-Ex followed Amazon’s lead by arming their planes, and shooting down a UPS cargo plane. UPS sent an Army of well-trained, former military delivery drivers to seize Fed-Ex’s hub in Memphis. The battle lasted for weeks before the UPS troops withdrew after suffering heavy casualties. As they retreated, they shelled the Fed Ex facility, leaving it virtually destroyed.

The battles continue. New players enter into the fray. Some of the oldest combatants are in talks for peace. On occasion, there is still the old-fashioned way of killing off the competition.

Buy them.

What was once a Manga fantasy, giant corporations engaging in armed combat, is now a worldwide phenomenon. Recently, a blogger asked President Trump at news conference why governments are not stepping in now that it has escalated beyond skirmishes.

“For the U.S., we continue to fight the true enemy…terror. That fight is hampered by the U.S. militaries small pool of young men and woman to recruit from. The private security forces pay better than the government can, and have better equipment. As a result, we have turned to our allies for help in this fight, and they are assisting. The march towards Mecca will continue!”

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