Hydro Assault

Mere seconds seems longer than the actual time. Members of the firing squad used just one fully pumped up charge for the “execution”. I would estimate that the discharge of all weapons didn’t last more than a couple of seconds, but on the recipients’ end, it seemed much longer.

After that last rifles stream petered to a couple drops needing to be shook off, I was reformed. I did not want to face that punishment ever again.

The annual Super Soaker fight lived for two more summers. Each year we all scrambled to the nearest toy store or Walmart for bigger and better guns. We lined up our arsenal in front of the picnic table and posed proudly for pictures.

We were excited and proud of our new found tradition.

Then it died.

I do not know why it only lasted three years. Maybe people became too busy with children or their jobs. But after the third year, the tradition was no more. There was the occasional discussion of reviving the conflict, but those talks never went beyond the discussion phase.

I am thinking the makers of the Super Soaker suffered from the loss of our sales.

Anyone keen on starting a new annual Super Soaker war?

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