The Great Razor Experiment

After three days of changing the blade daily, and trying two different manufactures, I was having doubts. As I stood in front of the mirror at work, I noticed how irritated my neck looked. The bleeding and scraped, raw skin feeling, that reminded why they invented aftershave, left me rethinking my plan.

I decided that I was going to compare old with new. The next day, I was going to shave one side of my face with a brand new blade in the safety razor. While I shaved the other side with a six or seven shave Schick Hydra Five blade.

The left side of my face was first, because it was the less irritated of the two sides. I really wanted to give the safety razor a fair shot. I took my time, and gave it my best effort. For the first time in my shaving career, I nicked a small mole on my left cheek and removed a lot of skin from the left side of my chin.

Then I broke out the Schick. It took my half the time, and I did not shed a single drop of blood. It really wasn’t a contest. As I casually swiped the blades across my face, I realized how much quicker I was doing the job. No scraping, no nicks, no irritation. Once again, aftershave was out of tradition, not necessity.

Well, at least for the right side of my face.

I still hate paying so much for those razor blades. Still don’t think I need five blades, and hope the fat battery handle is a thing of the past.

Having said that, I will continue to shave with my Schick blade until some high tech solution comes along. One that involves a real alternative, not just new pivot ball that justifies blades that are even more expensive. I tried the alternative, and though they are good products, it’s not the same. I need a good, quick, pain free shave three hundred and sixty days a year.

As I said, shaving holidays are rare.

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