Where Does it Come From

I know what Soap box is, I just don’t know why I made note of it. I even know where the term comes from…do you? Please print responsibly, is something I would finish an email with when I was announcing a printer was back in production. But what is the entertainment value to that. Maybe if I rubbed it a few times, something magical will happen. I have no idea what I was getting at with the 80’s comment. Spandex, leather, lace…Vixen & Heart, all were part of a great time in my life, but what did I want to say about them. Finally, the Kidd and mediocre writing, no frickin idea what I was talking about.

I think the latter was Siri doing a shitty job of listening!

But as I said, that is the process for putting things here on my blog, or working a story up from an idea. I make a note of something on my iPhone or iPad, and hope I can do something with it later. Then, when I feel like writing, or make myself sit down and write something, I scroll through that list. That list has thirty-nine items in it. Thirty-eight if you remove the one I decided to write about tonight.

Some, I pass by because I know they will be long stories and take some time to write. Super Soaker Wars is one of those. They were awesome, and a reflection of a time when I was much closer to my family. Others, I understand what I meant when I entered them, I just don’t quite know how to say it yet. “Peanut Butter & Jelly” was an example of that. I started it, but it quickly became too dark and whiny so I deleted everything and wrote something else entirely.

As I contemplated what I was going to write tonight, I decided that I need to make a much more concerted effort to come up with those truly short stories. Some of what I put here is probably only entertaining to me, which is fine; much of what I write is for my own therapeutic reasons.

Yet, I want to master the art of the short story. The one I was working on recently is over eighty-five hundred words and far from finished. In fact, there is so much story to tell, I have decided it is book number five or six. Hate to lose the opportunity to give away another one of my stories, but sorry plagiarizers, that one is mine!

Anyway, that is the process for me getting ideas, sorting through them, and posting them to this blog. I could probably post every day, if it wasn’t for my day job. There is plenty rattling around up in that cavity between my ears. I just have a hard time remembering what the rattling said.

This Blog isn’t going away, and I appreciate those of you who are reading it.

By the way, I am down to thirty-seven ideas in my Reminders App. I did some house cleaning.

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