Life here on Earth was improving. Now that they knew to keep their activities hidden from the Church, and in turn, the Citadel. With tonight’s revelation, Herb felt much more comfortable in the idea of becoming a part of the inner circle. If they were making plans up in the center of oppression, then he can be a part of the movement here on Earth.

Herb knew it would be a long road, and at his age, he may not see the fight through to conclusion, but he would do his part to see Earth returned to its rightful steward. As he sat there and contemplated all he learned tonight. Letting his mind rest, for the first time, Herb wondered if there were other pockets of humanity on Earth.

As he thought about it, it became hard to fathom that only his forefathers’ escaped the exodus. He imagined other pockets of humans, living in caves, or the sewers of other long abandoned cities. For a moment, he paused, needing to review his teachings. This city was the only one left behind by the Church. However, that didn’t mean humans could not find other places to elude the Church.

“What if there are others here on Earth?” Herb said aloud.

He decided that the next time he climbed his tower; he would focus on the world he lived on.

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