Terra’s Stripling Space Nights – Book One

Terra’s Stripling Space Knights
Chapter 1
“There isn’t no alien scum who can out-fly me!” Lucas calls out, his nerves thrumming with adrenalin as he banks his fighter hard to starboard, green energy bolts lancing past just centimeters from the crafts belly…read more!
Chapter 2
NO! This isn’t real!

Lucas struggled against the darkness, fighting to escape…to live, then, as quick as the firing of a brain synapse, he detected the change in his surroundings…read more!

Chapter 3
Generally, when it comes to waking up, for Lucas it is a drawn out affair. It starts with the dimmest glimmer of consciousness, consciousness he fights off as long as possible…read more!
Chapter 4
Lucas stared at her, mouth agape. Not surprised by his loss for words, Portia allowed him all the time he needed to process.

“Terran division,” Lucas whispered his eyes alight with awe…read more!

Chapter 5
Lucas used his left hand to slide the collection of coins off the countertop into his right. Quickly he counted out the eighty cents before shoving the coins deep into his right pocket…read more!
Chapter 6
Lucas lunged into his space station room and stumbled across to the bathroom. Distractedly he fumbled for the open icon, and bounced off the door, his muscles conditioned to the timing between icon tap and the door opening…read more!
Chapter 7
Lucas groaned under the pressure of his spine compressing, his guts squeezing down, blood rapidly draining from his skull as ejection rockets propel him into blackness. Then nothing…read more!
Chapter 8

“That is so not fair!” Lucas protests, trying hard to keep his anger and frustration out of his voice.

“Life isn’t fair,” his mother fired back with her pat answer…read more!

Chapter 9
Lucas sat across from his instructor Fartan, his weight supported by a utilitarian stool generated from the nano tech that seemed to dominate the Galactic Federations space station…read more!
Chapter 10
Sarah held her stern expression as she waited for Lucas to respond to her greeting. Several responses flitted through Lucas’s mind before he settled on one…read more!
Chapter 11
If nothing else, a millennium of fighting the Dark Empire has taught the Galactic Federation a trick or two. One of those things is folding…read more!
Chapter 12
The sound of Cheerios crunching between his teeth vibrated through his jaw and into his skull. To him, it sounded like the world reverberated with the sound…read more!
Chapter 13
Sarah was kind of pissing him off…read more!
Chapter 14
Fasbo stood at the head of the class, arms crossed across his narrow chest, the long slender fingers of his right hand caressing his jaw…read more! 
Chapter 15
Lucas and Sarah walked north along 34th Street, her left hand in his right. It was the first day of summer break, both looking forward to a summer of sun and fun…read more!