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Day-life Savings Time

Steampunk Clock

“I bought a clock at a thrift store.” “You did what?” I responded to his statement. A statement that had no bearing on the question I asked him. “I bought a clock at the thrift store, then,” Mathew flashed that…

Walking Fingers

Local Phone Book

The oddest thing happened to me this week. Well odd for me. The Yankton/Vermillion phone book was delivered to my mailbox. In the past, I would have grabbed it and said, tongue firmly planted in cheek, “What the hell is…

I Am Man

Classic Manly Photo

Being a man is a proud thing. To me, masculinity is more than hair on your face, or big muscles, or having an object on your arm for other men to admire, but you do not respect.

Serial Fiction


A long time ago, to feed my reading habit, I often checked out books at the library. It was there that I discovered many of the favorite books of my youth. One of those authors was Michael Moorcock. Another was…

Self Published Pap!

Bad Writing

Let me start his post by saying…yes, I am still writing. And not just the occasional blog post. Now this statement…one of the things I heard often as a fledgling writer is, read often. I used to wonder how does…

Lost Art of Maps

Compass Rose

Do you think kids these days are fascinated by maps. Is there even a chance that a kid knows what a paper map is? I know as a kid, I thought maps were the coolest things in the world. Folding…

Sleep In

Sleep In

Mom is yelling from the top of the stairs to get out of bed It is summer, and you wonder, what is going on in her head You mumble, “I wish I were an adult, a man in one’s own…

I’m a Lefty

I'm a Lefty

In case you did not know it, I am left handed.  Well sort of… I grew up in an era when left handed was considered abi-normal.  If you do not get that reference, watch Young Frankenstein.  I highly recommended it…F’n…

Why are we Depressed?

Patient getting paddled

I think it was Paul Harvey who shared a study the Russians did on depression.  In this study, they swatted participants with a paddle in one group, and did nothing to the other group.  In the paddled group, there was…

First Publication

Celebrate Horn

Well, this site is now living on a different server. However, the server move is not the reason for a lack of recent posts. Nope, the reason is I have been concentrating on writing fiction. Along with concentrating on writing…