First Publication

Well, this site is now living on a different server. However, the server move is not the reason for a lack of recent posts. Nope, the reason is I have been concentrating on writing fiction. Along with concentrating on writing fiction, I have been submitting finished works to traditional magazines and e-zines. Most of those publishers want “First Rights”. That means that I cannot publish those stories on my site if I want them to publish them on theirs.

If the sites I targeted a story for rejects it, then I will publish it on this site. The story “For President of the United States…” is an example of one of those stories. Devon also published “Ventus-Ver II” after a rejection by one of the flash fiction sites out there.

Well, for the first time, a publication accepted one of my short stories. published “Runners Sigh” yesterday. It is about a runner observing the condition of society in the not too distant future.

Runners Sigh” is my second attempt at Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is stories shorter than 1000 words. Please read my story, its short, and share if you like.

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