Bucket List

We can chose to live life in anticipation of the end. However, to me that seems as though we are anticipating a long and full life. I would rather check items off my list, as though it is the last thing I check off. Hell, some of those things just might be the last thing, i.e., skydiving.

You can have your “Bucket List”. I however refuse to put my list in a bucket, it’s hard to see, who knows what you will pull out when you reach into the bucket, and some of those things might be forgotten, if they are hiding in a bucket.

My “Life List” is:

  • Become an army helicopter pilot
  • Drive truck for a few years (yeah, it went long)
  • Get my pilots license
  • Scuba dive
  • Swim in the ocean on both coasts
  • Bungie jump (twice)
  • See Old Faithful
  • Build my own computer
  • Own a plane and or helicopter
  • Skydiving – yes, I will jump out of a perfectly good airplane
    • Not the one I am flying however
    • Unless there is another pilot in the cockpit
  • Resume scuba diving
    • Dive a shipwreck
    • Swim with something cool (Barracudas?)
  • Have a pint in the Guinness brewery
  • Golf a course in Scotland
  • Publish a best seller
  • Travel – see things from a different perspective than a semi-truck
    • The world
    • Most of this country
  • Get fired into space (might be a generation too early for this)
  • Snowboard the mountains out west
  • Witness my sons become fulfilled adults
  • See and hike in the Grand Canyon

…and so much more!

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