Fake Heroes

Another one of these huh?

These come across the news feeds every now and again, and Icannot help but wonder why the fuss. Another death of something they like tocall celebrities.

Let me see, the star of some show that aired about the middle of the decade before this one. I search my memory trying to recall anything about the show. I have been watching these creatures for most of one of their centuries. Oh yeah, I remember, it was an evening drama about a bunch of rich suburban kids.

Didn’t much care for the show. The town of Hollywood has donebetter.

My favorites are the ones where some alien invaders aredefeated by humans cunning and crude use of their invader’s superiortechnology. Hilarious, like that will ever happen.

I have been sitting here in this remote outpost monitoring theirtransmissions since they lit up their first radio transmission. As their broadcasttechnology evolved, so did their fascination with the people who starred inthose transmissions. Sure, this obsession with people that make their living inthe, “lime light,” isn’t new. Their old papers used to print endless storiesabout stars of the stage and screen.

But their fascination with these fake people seems to growwith each passing year.

Why does the tragedy of some well-known person rise above allthe rest of their kind? They are a weak and pathetic species, and their medicaltechnology is archaic at best. Tragedy and illness are commonplace among them.Yet, when some common person dies, only a few celebrate it.

Here is an example, in a local media site called the Echo Press. Chris Slaby, same age as this famous actor, well once famous, but more so now that he is dead. This Chris guy…fifty-two years of age. Died of a stroke, just like the famous guy.

Now the differences. Chris Slaby is a decorated veteran ofthe first Gulf War. They call that a war…hah! Wait until they see what we havein store. Anyway, Chris was wounded providing cover fire for his squad, so theycould escape the unexpected onslaught of machine gun fire. When he returnedhome he became a paramedic for a metropolitan fire department. Spent his dayshelping others. Saved countless lives.

Chris is the father of two and appeared to be happilymarried to his high school sweet heart. They married after he finished basictraining. How quaint. Aside from their mortgage, the family is debt free. Chris’sstroke was a complication from wounds he received in combat, not because ofpoorly maintained health. Him and his wife ate right and exercised most everyday.


The obituary states that his ceremony will be a small one,with just his family and closest friends.

Meanwhile, this Hollywood guy is all over the media outlets.People are inundating his social media accounts with blessings and sorrow.

The guy was a high school dropout!

These creatures need to get their priorities straight. Youknow, when I was first sent to the ass end of the galaxy to monitor thesecreatures, I kind of felt sorry for them, but every time one of these fake peoples,yes, my word for them, tragedies rise above the average joe, or jane, it irksme.

They deserve what they have coming…let me tell you.

As I said, when I first setup this monitoring station, out here, just past the rock they demoted from a planet, I was surprised. Though primitive, they showed a certain zest for life. An ability to rise above their environment and conquer those obstacles that faced them.

I watched as their industrial revolution seemed to pull themfrom the mud. I rooted for the Wright brothers and their crude attempt to freehumanity from the constraints of gravity.

That was humanities bright spot, before the first World War.Yes, most every species struggles with warfare in their history, but humans…ugh!That is all there has been since shortly after I started watching.

However, I could forgive a primitive species inability tosettle their differences without conflict. It’s all about learning after all.

But this petty crap of lifting one human being above anotherbecause he or she can cry on demand…unforgivable.

Peace can be taught, but idle worship, that is a tough habitto break.

I have been putting this off. I kind of like humans. But there is just too much emphasis put on the lives of fake people. If humanity celebrated the life of their real heroes, then I would be more reluctant. But it is just becoming to common place. Their real heroes die alone. Some in the streets, while the fake heroes get smothered in adoration.

Maybe its their whole social media revolution, but it nolonger matters.

I will send the recommendation to high command, I have seenenough, these creatures do not deserve a reprieve. They do not deserve theirplanet.

And no clever unorthodox use of our superior technology by some fake hero is going to save them.

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