For a Nickel I will

If you do a Google search, you will find some basic information on pay toilets. You will find that by 1974, there we about 50,000 of these torture devices. That was about the time states started to ban them. However, it appears that many of those bans have been lifted, and this cruel and unusual device is coming back.

I get that it requires money to maintain a public bathroom, and it is a true testament of the entrepreneurial spirit to profit on life’s necessities, i.e., funeral homes. But charging a man to go number two, or a woman, every time she needs to use the bathroom!

What about those of us that are embracing the cashless society trend. I rarely carry cash, and as a result, never have any spare change. When I do have change, it lasts until I get home and drop it in the change jar. I really don’t want to be put in the position when I will be lamenting the silver trinkets that are sitting in a large beer bottle at home.

I suppose they will put a credit card swipe slot along the side of the locking mechanism. Just swipe your debit card and you will be charged a onetime fee of…hmm…rate of inflation, $20.00 to use this stall. That would probably lead to the vendors charging you by the minute, in six second increments. Talk about pressure to perform! How many sessions would go unfinished because you are worried about the $36.00 over draft charge.

Would you be concerned if the pay toilet vendor started charging by the pound?

As I said, I love the American entrepreneurial spirit and it’s abilities to profit off of most of humanities ills. But let’s leave the sacred practice of perusing Facebook while sitting on the throne free to all comers.

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