God’s Wall

When humanity threw itself into the stars, it discovered God, and the land of milk and honey. They also discovered a barrier that prevented them from entering the promised land.

That first ship, years from their home planet, stumbled upon God, and his land with skepticism. God was mostly forgotten by this time, a myth of religions long passed.

Nor did God look as humankind, and its countless books described what God would look like. He did not appear as burning bush, or a voice echoing from the heavens. He appeared as a man.

“I did create you in my image,” God reminded those that discovered him.

That first ship sent back images of God, and humanity thought something was lost in the signal.

Those images showed a nearly out of control quaff of blonde hair and a pouty mouth. Sagging jowls blanketed a small round chin, while narrow eyes squinted from below thick eyebrows.

Many wondered, even speculated, that God chose this visage as a taunt to humanity. A mocking symbol to coincide with his wall.

Other ships were built and sent out. Just a few in the beginning, each faster than its predecessor, in an attempt to negotiate with God, to garner access to the promised land. Still, God refused entry, while humanities ships floated aimlessly just outside his wall.

More ships followed, some packed with political and spiritual leaders in hopes of pleading Earths case. “Earth was sick,” they cried. “Humans ruined her, poisoned her, altered her climate in a way that could not be reversed.”

Still God refused to allow entrance into the land of milk and honey.

More ships arrived, these packed with common folk who had nothing left for them on Earth. These great ships able to span the vast distance to the land of God in mere months. They arrived with thousands praying to God for entry into the promised land.

Still God refused.

The ships remained, attaching themselves to each other for survival, creating vast deep space cities. All in hopes God found mercy for his creations floating outside his barrier.

“Why won’t you let us enter your promised land?” One clergy asked God.

“Why should I allow you, who show up here at my gates uninvited, entry when others have followed the proper path. They have lived a life obeying my laws, observing the sabbath, repenting for their sins…and dying.

“While you expect entry just because you are here.”

More ships were built and sent out in hopes of overwhelming Gods Wall, but his wall and resolve held firm.

“We are refugees from a broken planet,” one politician pleaded with God.

“You have the planet you deserve,” God replied.

An armada was sent from Earth with the intent of finding a path around, or through the wall. For days the armadas guns pounded the wall, but to no avail, except to anger God. For months, the armada tracked vast expanses of space in hopes of circumnavigation the wall. But to no avail. The wall was unsurmountable.

Lawyers sued God for admission into the promised land, but since God was the only judge, the petition was denied.

More ships arrived, the flotilla grew, and eventually Earth died.

To this day, humankind floats in a world made of alloys and plastics, a constant reminder of their unworthiness to enter the promised land. Some, living under Gods law, observing the sabbath, and repenting for their sins, knowing, when their final breath is released, they will gain entry.

Others…hope that humanity can outlast Gods resolve.

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