Passing of a Princess

Animated movies have a way of portraying dazzling beauty that is difficult to duplicate in real life. The Princes, Angelic beauty, or female protagonist emits a radiant brilliance that lights the dull world through which she moves. It’s as though her beauty is the source of light. Men stop what they are doing to watch her as she passes by; other women look upon her with envy, children marvel at her magical passage.

I witnessed this phenomena first hand several years ago. Her name is Beloved and her beauty has captivated me since the first day I saw her. Its radiance takes my breath away every time she graces me with her presence. Yet this particular afternoon was something different, a moment forever etched in my memory.

I spotted her from afar, as she first entered the corridor. Though the hall was filled with young and old she stood out in the way Disney animators would have envied. The world around her seemed to bask in her glow; colors became brighter while shadows diminished. As she moved, her radiance moved with her. Though her strides were quick, she moved with the grace of a floating angel. Her passage through the air pulled her flowing blonde hair away from her lovely face, while her blue eyes danced with merriment.

Though she walked down the center of a hall that teamed with people, she never had to slow her stride or alter her course. It was as though everyone sensed her radiance and unconsciously opened a clear path. Those fortunate enough to be in the hall for this brief moment in time took full notice of her resplendent passage, men for the obvious reason, women with either envy or in appreciation of her natural beauty.

As she drew closer, her contagious smile brightened my own gray world. I couldn’t help but smile myself and wave. She lifted her left hand and waved her finger tips in response, her smiling brightening. Along with all her beauty is a natural sexiness enhanced on this day by the form fitting blue jeans and a contour hugging shirt. Her high heeled boots clicking with each quick step. All too quickly, we passed each other and she was gone.

Though sad that she moved on, the vision of that day lives on in my memory.

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