Past and Present

I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago called “If only I could go back…” that made the claim that you could not fold space and time. I think I discovered a scenario where this is possible. Last night an old friend whom I have not spoken to in over twenty years contacted me via Facebook.

For a couple of hours the past and the present became one. Both of us were propelled into days never forgotten. While at the same time, we updated each other on current events. The past and the present became the same. For those couple of hours, the two of us were living in both then and now.

During my jog this morning, I reflected on this phenomenon. It was all in my mind, but it sure felt real. To chat with someone who was a dear friend pulled the distant past into the present day. Hopefully there will be more conversations, more revisiting old memories, and connecting yesterday with today. If I am really lucky, maybe a lunch…just like the old days.

For now, it’s back to living in the present, and planning for the future.

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