SPAM Comments!

But two rights don’t make a wrong. Plus, I have read other peoples stuff. Phbbbt

The absolute most common, and one I delete almost every day is telling me I don’t have enough special formula, SEO, whatever that means, to make me attractive to search engines. I don’t care about search engines! I am not selling times share condominiums in Arkansas!

Besides, what would you search for to find this site? The rantings of a lunatic…wait…I’ll try it. Nope six pages deep and no

Tonight’s deletes.

  • Michael Kors purses – never heard of them
  • Louis Vuitton purses – I have heard of these
  • Acupuncture – ouch!
  • Nike Air Jordon shoes – No thanks
  • New Balance shoes – good damn shoe!

Now, if you want me to create links to these products. Well, let’s pretend this is a NASCAR race car and I need sponsors 😉

Shameless promotion, I know.

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