Unisex Bathroom

We Must Go BackA few days ago I posted a short piece about my views on the whole, who can use what bathroom if your transgendered debate.  I started by stating, maybe we should make all bathrooms unisex.  Then it does not matter what parts you were born with.

That was not the point of that article.  If you want to know the point of the article, read it.  However, while on my lunchtime run today I gave the concept of unisex bathrooms some thought.  Yes, that is what we runners do when we run; we think.  It takes our mind off our self-induced misery.

Here are my thoughts in regards to making all bathrooms unisex.

Stainless steel urinalAs mentioned in Protected Class, my hope is, if we make all bathrooms unisex, then that should be the end of the trough.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about.  The trough is a long…well bucket that is attached to the wall.  The classy ones are stainless steel, while the older ones are porcelain.  It offers no privacy while doing your business.  For those of use with a tendency towards stage fright, it takes more than a couple of beers before we can make a successful go at pissing in one of these things.

Maybe that is why you only see them in seedy bars or sports stadia.  The problem with the latter, at $8.00 to $10.00 a beer, it gets expensive working up the courage to perform.  Therefore, my hope is good riddance to the trough in the unisex bathroom!

Lines for the ladies is a fact of life when it comes to public bathrooms.  Especially in the aforementioned stadia.  Most new stadia come with more woman’s bathrooms than men in an attempt to alleviate this problem.  Maybe if they are all unisex, then the long lines to pee will distribute out to all the bathrooms, making the lines shorter.

Wait, then that might mean that my three deep line to take a leak at the trough during a concert stretches to a six, eight, or twelve deep line.  And the toilet seat! No trough, just lines of men who can’t aim and woman who are hovering.


White porcelian trough urinalSpeaking of the toilet seat.  Does this idea take the battle of the seat up or down to the public domain?  I have heard arguments for both up and down.  But, the argument I liked the best was, half the time he puts it down, half the time, she puts it up.

But as I think about it, if no one is using the seat, then why have one.  Oh wait, what about number two.

Finally, what about sexual harassment.  What would the etiquette be about talking to the person next to you?  I hate it when a man with his dick in his hand wants to have a conversation.  I am pretty sure I would like it less if a sweet siren of a voice comes from the same stall as the nastiest funk I have ever endured.  Making it worse, would be her saying, “Damn, I don’t remember eating anything that smelled like that.”

Sorry, I think a lady should be a lady.

Would it be harassment if you offer up a single square of toilet paper to the girl in the stall next to you when she realizes she has none.  Would it be harassment if she did it to you?

There are some questions that need answering, but I think the unisex bathroom can solve a lot of issues in today’s multi-sexual environment.  After all, it is just a shift in mindset.  Isn’t that what got us to this point?  A slow steady sea change?

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