Where is Waldo?

Recently on Facebook, Connie and I played a game of where is Waldo. It was a fun response to questions we were getting from some of our Facebook friends. It started like this..

BarWaldoThe single biggest reason we made the trip to Omaha was to help her sister Jeanne decorate, and then un-decorate for a wedding. Between decorating, and teardown, we planned on doing some sightseeing. We arrived the night before we needed to start the decoration process, checked into our hotel pretty late, and went to bed.

Shortly after we woke up, her sister knocked on the door and gave us our itinerary. We were going to have our free continental breakfast, then be at the church by 9:00 AM. Time to work right off the bat!

Do you know what tool is, when it comes to wedding decorations? Tulle (to͞ol) to me had a totally different meaning before this trip. Hell it had many meanings, and I liked those definitions, before this weekend.

Pretty much all of that day was spent decorating or running errands. We didn’t get our shower until we needed to run to the hotel for the fresh flowers Fed Ex dropped off. Smelling fresh and clean, we returned to the VFW for more work.

It took long enough that we missed hanging the tulle & lights. But Jeanne had plenty of help in the tulle hanging department.

At some point, while trimming blood thirsty roses we missed the grooms dinner, and went in search of Band-Aids and something to eat. Dinner ended up with us doing some sightseeing, and exploration. The whole time, we were trying to come up with excuses for not being available for helping with the making of flower arrangements.

Finally, we decided our excuse was, we drove all over Omaha looking for Jeanne.

Geographically speaking, Omaha is huge!MemorialStadium

At some point in our explorations, Connie showed me a post on her Facebook timeline. It was one of her friends asking why we were in Omaha.

That question, and our joking about looking for Jeanne somehow morphed into us looking for Waldo.

I wasn’t content with just saying, “well we are looking for Waldo”, I wanted to see if anyone would catch on. Facebook is now a very visual medium, and I wanted to have fun with it. I downloaded PicsArt from the Apple App store and spent a little time learning how to use it. It is a really cool app, and anytime you see collages, or pictures within pictures on my Facebook, it was PicsArt. I highly recommend it!

You are welcome PicsArt of the plug.

When we crossed the river, wedding in the rearview mirror, & Waldo started to show up in our pics. I pasted him into our picture at the top level restaurant at Hurrahs. Then Waldo made an appearance at Stokes, and another at Memorial Stadium. But it seemed no one was picking up on it.

JesseJamesEither no one noticed, or our Facebook audience was too young to get it. I doubt the latter. We had one FB friend ask, “What is with Waldo?”, while another commented on one of the Waldo picks, “Hey, there is Waldo.”

Like so many of my Twitter/Facebook/this blog jokes, no one really gets it. But it was fun, and I discovered a great new app.

Oh, and I learned the difference between tool and tulle 🙂

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