Angry Artist

One last music reference because it is so easy to see the transition there.

Bon Jovi was a chick band from the start.  Their music was all about broken hearts, growing up in New Jersey, and just good clean stuff.  After a few years of success, some of the band members embarked on some solo work.  Richie Sambora released a pretty decent blues oriented solo album.  In fact, I think his singing beat Bon Jovi’s hands down.  I was reading an interview in Rock Guitar Magazine about him and his work on that solo album.

He stated that he wanted it to be a very bluesy album.  The blues meant he needed to be unhappy.  However, he had one problem.  As he walked around his palatial home and looked at all his nice stuff, and the success him and his bandmates accomplished.  It was really hard to get depressed.

In case you’re wondering how he managed to dredge up that bluesy feeling.  He did a lot of drinking.  Works for me every time.

So, as far as Christopher’s comment about my writing being edgier when I was single…I get it.  But I know he is just kidding.  The above examples show how happiness can take the edge out of being creative.  But for the most part, I have always tried to be upbeat when writing for this blog.  There have been a couple of trashed stories because they were just too dark.

Christopher is right in implying that I am happy.  I have never been happier.  Connie is a great addition to my life and fills my days with smiles.  As you can see by the gaps in my postings, she has been filling a lot of those days.  But the writing continues, and the posts will pick back up.  Being happy will never kill my creativity.

Besides, there is still plenty in the world to be pissed about.

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