Snot Stinks

Have you ever worked in an environment that was initially repulsive to your olfactory senses?

I can think of two jobs in my past that initially caused me to wrinkle my nose in distaste. The first was working at Taco Johns. I was a senior in high school and it was my first real job. I am not saying that Taco Johns stinks when you walk into the place. However, after you have been working in the kitchen and washing stainless steel pots for eight hours, you developed a nasty funk.

The second job was my next one after Taco Johns. I landed a high paying factory job ($5.00 Hr) at a plastic extrusion plant in Lakeville. For the most part, the place smelled like hot plastic, and wasn’t that hard on the senses. However, ones or twice a week a machine would break down, and the mechanics would tear the machine down. Occasionally that meant burning hardened plastic off the cooled heating elements and the giant screw. An acrid blue smoke filled the air and burned the sinuses.

Yet, as weeks turned into months, the smell of those two environments started to fade into obscurity. It’s not that the smell went away; my brain just chose to ignore them because they were constant. That’s what our brain does, ignores the obvious so that we will smell the less common, possibly dangerous smells.

Based on that concept, I am convinced that your snot stinks.

Those whom I have presented this theory to rebuff my claim with prejudice. Never mind that the evidence is as plain as the nose on their faces.

Let’s think this through. Tell me a bodily fluid that doesn’t have a distinct odor, much less stink. Sweat…pew! Urine…can be nasty! Blood, if there is enough of it, the smell can be nauseating. If you happened to have your guts spilled out onto the floor, well you’re not going to go, “well at least they don’t smell as bad as they look!” Those fluids that we generate through intimacy…they might smell good at the time, but when the hormones have faded…

Why not snot?

I read somewhere, if you really want to see what your breath smells like. Lick the back of your hand, and then take a whiff of that spot. It works, and that is why I keep gum around! Now if the fluids in your mouth smell like that, why wouldn’t the slimy crap in your nose stink?

Getting a little cruder. We all pick our noses. Some of us just have the decency to do it when no one is looking. Ever pry something lose and get a hint of an odor? Just saying.

I guarantee you, if you put the crap that ran out of your nose into a jar for a couple of months, then popped the top and took a whiff a month later…it would smell terrible! I suppose the same could be said about that stack of tissue that you’re throwing into the waste bin while suffering a nasty cold. Can’t smell anything when we have a cold.

Good thing maybe?

Wonder what it would be like if we could smell someone else’s snot?

You may not believe that your snot stinks. Nevertheless, I believe that the evidence is there. We spend time and money covering up our bodily odors because they are ever present. There is no way snot is exempt. When you walk into a house that has animals living in it, you smell it right away. However, our own animals don’t stink. It’s not because you got lucky and acquired animals that are odorless, you are just used to their funk.

The same goes for that slimy crap that lines your sinuses!

The sooner you accept it, the better off you will be.

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