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“Why are we going to the Moon daddy?”

Stephano turned to look at his son.  A mixture of curiosity and fear marring his son’s otherwise innocent features.  The sight of which tugged at Stephano’s heart.  Nicky was only four years old, but there was no doubt in Stephano’s mind that the little man was aware of the dangers involved.

Despite its best efforts, the Church of Earth First cannot conceal every shuttle tragedy. It was hard to hide the sight of a shuttle exploding into fragments and falling back to earth in a dismal rain.

“Mother Earth is sick Nicky, and we are the disease.  The only hope for her now is for us to leave, quit poisoning her, and worship her from afar.”  Stephano finally said in reply.

“Why are we poisoning Mother Earth?”  Nicky followed up with after some thought.  His features now showing concern and anger for what humanity was doing to the giver of all life.

“Because we don’t know any better my son.”  Stephano replied.

“I am glad we are leaving Mother to heal.”  Nicky said.  His face then brightened as his young mind cleared of all concern for the peril ahead.  “I think life on the moon will be pretty cool dad!”

“I think so too.”  Stephano said, lying to his son.

In reality, Stephano wasn’t sure how life on the moon would be.

“It’s almost time for dinner.  We will finish packing up your room tomorrow.  Now go get ready.”  He plucked his son off the bed, set him on the floor, and gently swatted his butt to get him moving.

“Ok daddy.”  Nicky replied cheerfully.

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