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It is difficult to determine who fired the first shot.

The most common theory is that Microsoft grew tired of the inroads Google was making on its OS market, and decided to take matters into their own hands. It started out as simple espionage, but then quickly grew to full-fledged armed confrontations.

There was an explosion at Google’s Oregon data center. Though it didn’t have much effect on Google’s network, it crippled the facility. An investigation revealed that a bomb was the source of the explosion. The government assumed, and started to pursue the idea of terrorists. Evidence revealed by Google’s own internal investigation pointed in another direction.

Within weeks, an explosion rocked Microsoft’s Quincy data center. Like Google’s, it did not disrupt Microsoft’s services, but the damage is so extensive, Microsoft shut down the data center.

Seemingly not wanting to take sides, the government once again claims it was a terrorist act. President Trump calls a press conference, and vows to hunt down and destroy every terrorist group known, and unknown. Even if we have to invade every sovereign nation in the process.

As Terrorist fears, grip the nation. Microsoft and Google beef up their private security forces, which soon resemble military forces. Other technology giants follow suit.

This blogger believes the battle of Kirkland started the Tech Giant Wars.

Reports cite that a convoy of Microsoft security forces moving from their Bellevue headquarters’ decided a show of force was necessary. They detoured past Google’s Kirkland offices. Someone from the Google fires a warning shot, and all hell broke loose!

By the time the shooting stopped, Google’s Kirkland office was in the possession of Microsoft forces. The seizure of its assets didn’t enrage Google’s CEO as much as social media going viral with pictures of Microsoft flag flying over one of Google’s buildings.

Within days, Google’s board of directors awards the CEO emergency powers. He swears vengeance for these atrocities while beefing up its security presence at all their facilities. It was clear that Google does not intend to lose another fight to Microsoft.

When a reporter asked President Trump if the US government would intervene, he stated. “This is a dispute between free enterprise. America’s concern is outside its borders and the war on terror.”

Trump then ordered the invasion of Yemen citing it would give us a foothold to the Middle East, and stem the flood of terror from Yemen ports. When asked if he planned to invade Saudi Arabia, President Trump said.

“Nothing is off the table when it comes to ending the war on terror once and for all.”

Shortly after President Trump’s press conference, Google attacked, and destroyed Microsoft’s Sacramento office.

It wasn’t long before other big players in the technology world became involved. While everyone was quietly sleeping in their Round Rock, Texas homes. A flight of a dozen stealthy drones launched an attack on Dell’s world headquarters, destroying the facility. From a bunker deep in his palatial home Michael Dell vowed vengeance.

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