Ventus-Ver II

This was my first foray into Flash Fiction.  It is based on characters created by W.A. McDonald.  Hope you enjoy.

The only thing Ventus-Ver II could see was the empty eyes of her mentor. Throngs of Lords, their sons, and guests filled the Church of Earth First, but she was oblivious to them all.

“Why did you leave me?” She whispered.

She then cast her eyes about the expansive room, taking note of all those who came to pay homage to the departed High Priestess. None of them here because they cared. Only because it was their duty.

Well I am High Priestess now! Ventus-Ver thought bitterly. She could strip them all of their rank and title. Send everyone one of them out an air lock.

Then her eyes locked on a young Lords. His eyes captured her attention. She saw herself reflected in his soft blue eyes. It was as if she knew him. But, that was impossible, there are no men in the Church.

The sound of a throat clearing pulled her back.

She glanced irritably at Lord Kwikrip before refocusing on the silvery eyes of Unda-Hiems III…her predecessor…her mentor. Three hundred years of High Priestess’ and Ventus-Ver II, will be the youngest.

“I am too young to be High Priestess.” She whispered quietly, tears stinging her eyes. “Who do I turn to now?

Since becoming High Priestess, chaos overshadowed the solar system. First, rumors of the mining colony wanting their independence. Now, the infidels that infest that broken old city fired up an old power plant.

Why do they still exist? The Exodus was supposed to rid Mother Earth of all human defilement.

Still, the infestation persists.

Today’s mission was a great success. Some of her council argued against it. Nevertheless, under the guidance of young Captain Trevi Tyminsk, the power plant is no more, and Mother Earth is no worse for wear.

As Ventus-Ver looked at holovids of the mission, recognition registered in her mind. His eyes! It’s the young Lord from Unda-Hiems sendoff ceremony. Ventus-Ver paused the video, and relished in those unfamiliar feelings for several minutes before coming to a decision.

“It is time to meet this young Lord.” She whispered to herself as she gazed into his eyes

Within days of the young Lords return to the Moon, the House of Commons proposed some silly law to hunt down, and exterminate the infidels’ that still plagued Mother Earth.

Now, she wasn’t sure, when she could summon the young Lord, or why.

Then, she was struck by an epiphany. She would consult in him.  Use his knowledge as the leader of a successful mission against the infidels. Now she can finally meet the man who so thoroughly captured her attention

Like a rag doll, Ventus-Ver let her knees buckle as the door to her chambers closed, ending her meeting with the young Lord Trevi. From the moment, he walked into her office, and his eyes met hers, they were lost to each other.

She could sense that even though he desired her, initially he was resistant.

Was there someone else? She bristled at the thought. No, there couldn’t be. Before leaving, he promised that one day they would forever be together. No man, with his heart belonging to another would make such a promise.

Doubt blossomed within her as she realized how naive she was in matters of the heart.

“No!” she whispered. Trevi is mine, and we will be together.

Her council of Sisters and that idiot old man Dunbarn Makaard made it impossible for Ventus-Ver to grieve when the news came. It took every ounce of control she could muster after learning that the infidels captured her beloved Trevi.

Then…they threatened her beloved’s life! Using him as ransom to keep her and her Earth First Expeditionary troops at bay.

Dunbarn wanted to siege the city. She dismissed him, as the token voice he was. The rest of her council agreed. Full military action might harm Mother Earth.

It was supposed to be a simple hunting expedition. Ventus-Ver thought to herself, tears flowing freely now that she was alone in her chambers.

“Why did I let him go?” She whispered into the darkness

“I am all alone.” Ventus-Ver said softly to an empty room. The mining colony is lost, infidels hold that eye sore of an ancient city, and she has not heard word of Trevi since his capture months ago.

“No amount of training prepared me for all this.” She cried out to her long dead mentor.

She laid her head back, momentarily looking up at the ceiling, before closing her eyes and thinking of him. He was a prisoner, possibly wounded, maybe worse.

Then she felt something. Something touched her mind. A familiar presence, it was Trevi!

Ventus-Ver, my sweet. She heard in her mind.

Trevi, how is this possible? She replied, feeling his thoughts, his emotions, his soul.

Ventus-Ver, you have the gift. I can trust you…I will explain everything. Trevi assured her from somewhere in that ancient city. From a distant heavenly body

Ventus-Ver felt her stomach lurch as the shuttle bounced about in Mothers atmosphere. This was so different from flight in a vacuum. Only the knowledge that Trevi would soon rescue/kidnap her kept her nerves calm.

In less than an hour, she will go from the leader of Church of Earth First, to one of the cogs in a movement to wrest this planet from the same.

Her shuttle tour of the Gravstations, and Mother Earth was in reality, a ruse. A ruse that will cripple the power of the Church, and reunite her with her beloved Trevi.

Are you sure about this my love? She felt Trevi’s presence. Once we start, there is no going back.

I have never been more sure my dear. Ventus-Ver felt a calm settle over her. You have given me something to believe in.

For the first time in her life, she knew the truth, and was on the right side.

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