Ixnay on the Ramaday

One of my favorite things about some of the reality TV shows out there, past and present is the process. Watching a chopper grow from a plain old frame, to a piece of motorized art. Or seeing a smelly old house full of garbage turned into a beautiful and profitable home.

The thing I like the least is…the drama.

Nothing irritated me more than seeing the Teutul’s arguing, slamming doors, or crying. American Chopper seemed to lay the foundation for what so many “reality TV” shows are doing today. You have to have conflict, some sort of antics, and occasionally a soft moment where the kids appear.

“Awe, aren’t they cute.”

Phooey! I want to see stuff get built!

Shows like “How it’s Made”, and “Bath Crashers”, keep their audience without the drama. Why do we need it in these other shows? We have drama in the nighttime crime dramas, and drama dramas, and in life. Life has tons of drama, real and perceived.

Leave the drama to the dramatic, and out of those shows were stuff gets built!

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