1.4 Million Years

A long time ago, I quit “investing” in lottery tickets. I decided at that time, that instead of putting my faith in a one in 292 million chance, I would put my faith in my own talents and abilities. To the best of my knowledge, I never won a dime, much less a dollar playing the ping-pong ball lottery games.

In fact, I have made more money as a writer, than I ever did playing the lottery. Five dollars more, in fact.

The odds are ridiculous, with 292 million to one. That means if everyone in this country bought a ticket, every drawing, two people would win each week. If my math is right, it would take about 2.8 million years for everyone to become a Power Ball winner.

Let me restate that.

With roughly 300 million people in this country, each person, with just a small fraction getting identical numbers, can have one of the 292 million possible combinations. Then we will have at least, one-person winning 40 million dollars. Once in a great while, there would be two winners.

I know…there is a little bit of the unfair thing going on here.

With that being said, if you were in the first ½ of the people who will win, it will happen anytime in the first 1.4 million years. Sounds depressing, but if you are really lucky, and you are in the first 25% of winners, then we’ll get you your 40 million in just over seven hundred thousand years.

Even if you are in the first 1%, you just might be a winner in the first twenty eight thousand years this new program is running.

Yeah, I’ll keep my $2.00

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