The Great Razor Experiment

In my almost forty years of shaving, I have sported every look. The military and my stint on the fire department kept me clean shaving. When I drove truck, I rocked a mustache for a couple of years. Then grew a full beard for the winter. I shaved it all off in the spring for a longhaired clean-shaven look for my best friend’s wedding.

After resigning from the fire department, I let the goatee grow in, falling into the trend of the day. Then, one day I decided that I would return to the civilized world, and shaved the goatee off. Every now and then, I allowed myself the day or two of growth look.

What we call a shaving holiday.

Since becoming semi-retired, I shave every day. Shaving holidays are a rare. The problem with shaving every day and shaving in general, is that it’s expensive. Modern razors are super expensive.

Like my beer coffee, I am particular about what I scrape across my skin. Disposable razors are just not acceptable. They are usually much lower quality, and its extra landfill material. Therefore, I go with a brand that gives you a good handle, and quality disposable razor heads.

Really expensive razor heads.

My one gift when it comes to disposable razors is that I can make a razor head last a long time. That is, as long it’s a quality razor to begin with. I have learned through trial and error, you get what you pay for.

Yes, I knew this before this experiment started, but I hoped it would be different for razors.

I did change from Gillette razors to Schick because Schick offered the same quality, for just a little less. Every dollar counts.

If I had my way, I would happily settle for a three-blade razor over the modern five blade heads that are so prevalent. I think three was more than enough to pull the whisker, and then cut it off before it can snaps back. Not sure what four and five do. Blade 3 should be more than enough backup for the third blade.

I also never understood the battery operated handle either. Vibrating your way across the whisker landscape seemed to make no difference on the quality of the shave. It just gave you a bulky handle, and one more battery to replace.

Maybe the ex-wife enjoyed shaving with it more than I did.

I also like Schick’s soap that oozes out onto your skin while you shave. It serves two purposes. First, if sooths razor scraped skin. Second, when the soap is gone, it is time to change your blade. I know from experience, the comfort level falls off dramatically once that ooze goes away.

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