Where Does it Come From

Some of the stuff I post here is funny, some of it is for my own benefit, and some of it is my screwed up viewpoint on life. Long ago…long, long ago, when I decided I wanted to be a writer, I had no idea how hard it would be. My head has always been full of stories, unique ideas, and viewpoints on life. However, the process of getting them on paper is another thing.

For over thirty years, I used every excuse in the A Writers Excuse Not to Write, book there is. No, I don’t know if such a book exist, but when I finally finishing writing all the things that I have in my head now, maybe I will write that one. Even now, I still have plenty of excuses. This piece here should have started over an hour ago. Almost said the hell with it, I am too tired. My day job gets the best of my creative energy these days.

But what is the process for coming up with something to put here?

I have lamented in a couple of Tweets about ideas that slipped away because I wasn’t able to make a note of it. I also commented on it in “Frustrations of Writing. It seems no matter how hard or often you think an idea through, if you don’t note it, it goes away. Just recently, I heard a song that is on my iPod. It is a story in itself, and as I listened to it, I decided to take a shot at fleshing the story out. Creating characters, giving them personalities, add a little more life to the story.

No, it would not be my story, but is the sunset a painter paints, his. You’re not going to accuse him of stealing the sunset. If it is a good painting, you will praise the artist for how beautiful it is.

Yet, even though I have heard the song many times, I cannot recall what frickin song it was!

Dumb life!

But even with these lapses, the ideas are still plenty. My favorites are when some of the twisted ideas of my youth come back to me. “Grandma’s Power Meter”, is one of those twisted memories. There are a few more in my notes of my life in my grandparents’ home. But they don’t fit in where I am at right now.

And that is part of the process. Something will spark a memory, or a creative thought within my scattered mind, rarely at the best moment, but hopefully I have a method of jotting down the concept. Hopefully with enough detail I can recall what it was about later. I have more than a few entries in my Thoughts section of my iPhone Reminders App that I am not sure what I was thinking when I entered them.

Some examples are:

  • Soap box
  • Please print responsibly
  • The 80’s, spandex, leather, lace…Vixen & Heart!
  • Kidd and mediocre writing

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