No Such Thing

I lay here listening
To a song from long ago

My eyes are closed
Sleep is just a shot away

But your words haunt me
Make me realize my mistake

How I made you believe
I could complete your life

Make you live happily ever after
But that happiness isn’t mine to give

I feel love, it’s in my heart
That love is for you

But there are things I’ve hid
Secrets I have kept

She is wrong for me
Her evils are real

But I am tied to her
Her chains I cannot break

She keeps me from you
Where happiness may be real

My suffering is deserved
Life’s decisions I have made

Someday I just may realize
That your were right

Happily ever after
There is no such thing

1 comment for “No Such Thing

  1. Christopher Stark
    December 10, 2014 at 10:34 am

    If you’re going to be a poet you’re going to have to learn to be either gracelessly literal or obnoxiously obtuse.

    Gracelessly literal: “Spatters of her thin blood dotted the knife’s reflective blade – a giddy reminder of poppy fields in miniature”

    Obnoxiously obtuse: “Wild serpent pinwheels cartwheeled against liquid carnality where death, in it’s lack of wisdom, betrayed kindness”

    See what I mean? Pure poetic gold. 🙂

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